Friday, 30 July 2021

Jack Ellis - Weathering Mix

The ingredients.

If you follow BarMills Facebook monthly presentations you might have noted Jack Ellis commenting on his formula mix for India Ink and alcohol. I normally just keep adding drops into my 3 ounce bottle till it appears dark enough...I never kept track of the drops. I also have been using 70% alcohol.

Jacks formula is 12 drops of India ink into a one ounce paint bottle of 90% alcohol. 8 drops for a lighter tone. I mixed up Jacks formula and found it a bit light...found I liked 20 drops better for the tone I am normally looking for.

FOS includes some modeling information in his kits. I noted he mentions alcohol stains he uses are  one pint of alcohol and two teaspoons of ink as a starting you have a preferred formula...George Dutka  

Mixing it up.

    12 drops on the left and 20 drops on the right.

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