Monday 5 July 2021

ITLA LIne Side Tool Shed

For my second build the structure is in a bit of disrepair. The roofing is worn the paint is well faded and rear window is boarded up. I may build a third with thinner doors modeled as steel doors.

Here are a few more views of the two ITLA line side tool sheds I built in late winter...George Dutka   

The roofing for the tarpaper roof was made from the thin stock that much of the details were cut from.

Although there is still some paint on the this little line side structure it is well worn. I chose B&M colors. White trim and Floquil B&M blue. The rear window is boarded up.

My first build is Floquil tuscan red and grime on the shingles. PanPastels finish it off. Some AK stains are also applied.

The front side of  this structure. I placed a barrel inside the open door and other details around the base.

The pair of line side sheds ready for use on the WRD.

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