Thursday, 8 July 2021

Waterbury Update

Waterbury Station and water Tank. The station was built by Rich Cobb from plans in a past issue of Model Railroader.

Progress on My Waterbury Scene Don Janes

     With the past year being basically a write-off for any social activities I have been able to make a fair amount of progress on my layout, especially the Waterbury Vermont scene.  This scene is my rendition of the town and not an exact replica.  The area actually started out as a fictional town in the early planning stages so the track layout and placement of structures is in no way a replica of the real place.  I had hand laid all the track and turnouts in hopes it would create some good operation opportunities.   I had originally planned to use a South River Model Works kit called Cambridge Crossing, a model of a former D&H station, for the station but then MR published plans of the Central Vermont Waterbury station which I immediately thought would work very well here.  I had model builder Rich Cobb build this structure for me as it was a perfect fit for my Central Vermont based layout. Since the track and turnouts were all down and working I just couldn't bring myself to tear it all up and attempt to replicate Waterbury so I left the track and built several structures to give the feel of Waterbury.  As well as the station being a prototypically accurate structure, I scratchbuilt a model of the CV freight house from drawings and photos that I got from  George and other sources.  It was compressed a little but it still looks similar to the real building. All other structures are generic representing industries that were in Waterbury such as a creamery, coal dealer, feed mill and a couple of others.
      Waterbury is on a north/south mainline so we will start at the south end of town and work our way north.  I have most of the structures finished or at least mostly finished and am working on finishing the scenery bit at a time as I work north.  There is quite a bit of opportunity for operation and this should be a fun area to switch once everything is in place.  The cations will tell the story. 

The small garage and O.V.Hooker are at the south end of Waterbury. The yard lead starts here
The coal dealer, creamery and feed mill (below) share the same siding.

The feed mill is the first Fine Scale Miniatures kit I ever built and is the only FSM kit I have left

Behind the feed mill are a couple of small businesses that don't require rail service
The Waterbury CV freight shed was scratchbuilt. It was compressed a little to fit the space

The hotel, yet to be named, is across the street from the station at the edge of town, It is a building flat kit from Nick and Nora Designs  

The small restaurant under construction is from Mine Mount Models.  The section house used to be on George's layout and will now serve the Waterbury section gang

Delabarre Woolens stands at the north end of town along the river. It has a rail siding.

This small boarding house is across the street from Delabarre and serves as home for some factory workers.

This structure is the office and warehouse building for the Delabarre mill.


  1. Beautiful modeling Don !! You are correct in that your version of Waterbury will be a wonderful place for train operations. Well done and thanks for sharing ....

    1. Thanks, hopefully I will have another progress report soon