Tuesday, 6 July 2021

More on ITLA Line Side Tool Shed

The finished model with a different style of roofing than included in the kit.

A few more photos from what I did and the leftover pieces that might work for another interesting structure...George Dutka 

The paints I used to complete the B&M coloring's on my tool shed. It is modeled very worn.

The white trim is painted on the sheeting ahead of assembly. I normally don't begin painting till after I complete my assembly but I like changing things up a bit at times.

Once the trim is applied to the shed there are these leftover pieces...I think there might be another built here...maybe an add-on to another structure. As I did the roof differently I now have some roofing available. I am thinking of constructing a third shed but this one with steel doors as possibly a structure for keeping flammable solvents.

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