Tuesday 28 December 2021

CP Reefers - Mandarin Orange Express

At a 2019 WOD-NMRA meet Mike Walker brought along a project that he had all the information and parts for.

CP Mandarin Orange Express 40' reefer is a one of a kind car which is painted white and black with a neat looking orange logo applied. This model can be duplicated in HO scale using a number of reefer cars offered and photos that are easy to locate. The decals are also still available...George Dutka   

I picked these up at a train show some years ago in a package deal of kits and parts. I believe they are Sylvan Scale Models parts. The ends are missing but I plan to use an extra National Scale Car kit for ends and ladders.

I think I have everything but the decal to build an accurate model. The photo is in a CP color equipment book I have.


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  1. My wife collects N scale trains, and her Microscale model of this car is one of the sharpest cars in her collection.