Sunday 12 December 2021

Loading a Gondola

The right of way is being cleaned up, now a load of used ties are heading back to the work train on the WRD.
If you have been reading the Dec 2021 issue of RMC you would have see an article on how to model a gondola loaded with ties. In the article the tie load is reversible, untreated ties going to be processed and creosote soaked ties returning for use. 

I have an empty Westerfield CN 48'6" gondola looking for a load. Actually I am modeling a work train for my layout and I though maybe I could model a load of new ties going out to a work zone and returning as a load of old ties that have been gathered up. 

I think this reversible load idea is working well for me...maybe a few more cars should be added to the fleet. The load only took me an afternoon using extra ties I have on hand...a nice and simple project that really adds to operations and a new look to my work train...George Dutka

All the items one needs to make a reversible tie load for a gondola. I used a small piece of basswood for the supporting center.

The creosote ties are glued in place. I am now painting the used ties with Hunterline stain and a wash of Floquil grime. Tie plate marks including rust staining will also be added. Since not all ties are loaded face up some are just stained a dirty old wood color.

One side of the tie pile which is per-stained creosote ties which I have a bag full.

The used ties ready for disposal at the pit.

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