Friday 3 December 2021

CV Milk Car - Back at the Workbench

Two shades of PanPastels are being applied to the F&C milk car sides and ends.

Last weekend I had my F&C milk car back on my workbench. It was originally modeled by Bob Bowes who painted it an olive green instead of the darker Pullman style green it would have been seen wearing. I originally tried to change the color by using Bragdon Powders which seemed OK but not prefect. 

I recently purchased a PanPastel tone that seemed to work better changing the tone to what matches my other milk cars.The tone is Chronium Oxide Green Ext. Dark which I gave a good coat to the sides. Having powders on the sides already it was not covering or sticking well. I decided to give it a coat of flat finish from a rattle can and apply a second coat of the PanPastel green. The PanPastel color held well as a second coat and covered the areas the first coat missed. It also gave more depth to the finish. I used PanPastel Paynes Grey Extra Dark on the ends which is an almost black shade. Two coats are required also...George Dutka 

The finished model looks more like the rest of the fleet.

Back in service.


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