Thursday 16 December 2021

Throwback Thursday - Golden Boxcar

NAR 050127 was at rest in the CN London yard on March 15, 1988.  By this date Northern Alberta Railways had been folded into the CN system and the car was wearing the reporting marks of another fallen flag.

By Peter Mumby.

Northern Alberta Railways 050127 was designed for lumber loading.  It belonged to the series 050101 - 050170 that had been assembled by National Steel Car in 1979.  Since NAR had been founded in 1929, the distinctive gold colour of these cars was selected in commemoration of the company's fiftieth anniversary.  The slogan on the panel on the lower right corner of the car reads "From the Land of the Mighty Peace."  By 1988, when this photo was exposed, it was unusual to see these panels still in place, as many had either fallen off or been removed for safety concerns. 


Hi Jim
My recollection is that Roundhouse may have had that model.


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  1. Neat picture Peter. Was it Athearn that used to have a boxcar in that paint scheme, or maybe Roundhouse?