Friday, 10 December 2021

FOS - Interlocking Tower

B&M milk train crosses the diamond at Bellows Crossing. The new tower is temporary till the track-work is completed.
I recently completed my FOS kit-of-the-month interlocking tower. I plan to use it at Bellows Crossing as the location is changing and four control switches will be located there although they don't actually need a tower to operate them. It sure looks good there though. As I had mentioned earlier the interior is detailed. One thing that did not occur to me till I was finished was the small add-ons could have made a nice train order office by adding a small bay and train order signal. I would have to turn the small structure around with the area the doors are seen becoming the bay...something to think about if you have this kit...George Dutka 

As one can see the interior of the tower has some details and figures added. Blinds are added to the windows also.

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