Thursday 30 December 2021

Throwback Thursday - Hanging Out With Friends for the Holiday

This photogenic group of CN locomotives was present and accounted for at London, Ontario on January 01, 1988.
By Peter Mumby.

In today's scene we view the CN London shop tracks on January 01, 1988.  Present on that day was a pretty good cross section of the types of motive power used in southern Ontario at that time.  On the left is CN 9408, a 1974-vintage GP40-2LW.  Next we see one of the 9302-9317 group of GP-40 units which had been assembled in 1966/67.  GP9u number 4110, which had been re-manufactured in 1984, was a regular in the London area.  Front and center is CN 2117, one of 20 model HR616 units from 1982 which were on the roster.  Finally, on the far right, we see one of the national carrier's 4500-series GP9 locomotives which dated from 1956/57. 

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