Saturday 22 January 2022

Coloring the Walthers Water Tank

I began with the roof applying two tones of PanPastel gray.

I recently colored my Walthers water tank using PanPastels. The photos tell the story of what I did...George Dutka  

Raw Umber Shade PanPastel is applied over the two gray tones. This tone is a nice dirty looking weathering product.

A green tone is applied to the roof finial.

The first of my brown tones is applied.

A second color of brown is applied.

Some gray is applied to the concrete feet and rust will be touched on the bolts.

The finished model got some ground foam on the base along with short and long static grass.


  1. Did the tank lift off the base for the static grass application? Or did you just manage to squeeze it in?

  2. Hi Ben. No the base was attached. I just added the glue around the base and angled the base as I dropped the ground foam and static grass. The static grass is just rubbed between my fingers as it is dropped. I use the finer blends...George

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