Friday 7 January 2022

A New Years Update

VIA 72 approaching the junction at Komoka Ont. with the Strathroy Sub. on Feb. 1, 2021. VIA 72 is currently on the Chatham Sub.

It has been sometime since my last update and mix of topics. I got sidetracked last winter working on structures and did not get at the two features on my layout I want to change. I am also working on adding lighting in some areas which is only partly done. 

I think this winter will be more about working on the layout and completing a few engine and rolling stock projects that I have been thinking of for a bit. 

I have also been railfanning a lot in 2021. With Covid I have stayed close to home the last two years and photography is a nice distraction. I have included some new and old railfan style photos that I took, some from New England during a trip with my friend Andy....better times ahead in 2022...George Dutka

I have three engines that require some detailing. The GTW 1200 switcher is a Rapido model. In the box Jim Sloan gave me a DC GP18 that might become a CV green engine or a GTW black version. It probably will not get DCC so it will be a stand in on the back alley scene that will be just DC. 

Peter gave me these two nice pieces of rolling stock for my birthday back in December. The bulkhead is an Intermountain model and the Milwaukee car is a YesterYear model. I will have to see what I can do weathering wise with these...thanks Peter.

An overhead view of the models.

If you like milk operations check out the January 2022 issue of RMC you might recognize a few authors.

I took this photo just as dawn could be seen over the horizon on Oct. 1, 1994 the morning of the CVRHS Brattleboro convention. That is CN 5345 on the lead of NB CV 323 awaiting a crew.

CV SB Vermonter is arriving at Waterbury, Vt. station on a chilli January 21, 2015. I was tagging along with my friend Andy as we are headed to the Springfield train show.

Springfield train show a few years back at the milk train display. I get the feeling it might be awhile before I am back at the show once again, thanks Covid.

On our way home from the 2015 Springfield train show Andy and I stopped just south of Brattleboro to catch the SB Vermonter on January 25, 2015.

A National Scale Car kit and Tichy kit will become a GTW gondola this winter.

This tag has been floating around a number of railfan groups this Christmas season.

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