Friday 14 January 2022

Snapshot - January 2022

This CP livestock car seen here in 1944 has a sign which helps with the return of the car. A nice feature to add on a model.
For this months Snapshot we are looking back to the 1940's in colour with views of  railroading in Saskatchewan. These colour slides are a glimpse of life on the Canadian prairies. So were did they come from. Thank to Bill Badger for passing a link to Everett Bakers photos. Bill was told about them by our friend Jim Dufour...George Dutka 

Saskatoon CN station area in 1946

Canuck, Saskatchewan grain elevator in 1942 with a trio of CPR Fowler boxcars.

The caption for this view is shoveling grasshopper sawdust from boxcar in 1947.

Shoveling sand into CNR cattle cars in St. Walburg, Saskatchewan in 1944. This could make a nice mini scene on a prairies layout.

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