Monday 17 January 2022

Pandemic Modeling Projects - O Scale


AHM Rivarossi   FM C-Liner shortened by 2 inches, painted with acrylics using wedge sponges. He originally gave it a primer coat as a base to work on.

My friend Terry send along these photos of his O scale projects from the past year that he labeled "Pandemic modeling projects"....only good thing about Covid is we are spending a lot more time down in the basement. Great job Terry...George Dutka

Critter 1210 – sister unit to 1232.......  never know when you have to add a unit!  Same drive train as 1232. This was a D&H engine at one time.

Critter 1232 is from Williams by Bachman - Baldwin shark nose “B” unit.   Drive train from Atlas RS-1.

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  1. The paint and weathering on the C-Liner looks terrific.