Sunday 16 January 2022

New Haven Vt. - Station Moved

I have past this station may times on my trips to Vermont. I am really glad to see it being saved.

Kevin Smith sent me a message this week that the New Haven ex-Rutland Ry. station was moved to a nearby location. This station is over 20 feet tall with ornate curved windows and was built in 1868. It is great to see the station being saved...George Dutka 

 In New Haven, Vt., a train station moves down the road | Vermont Public Radio


  1. Beautiful station and in excellent condition. Thank heaven it was saved.

  2. I'm always saddened when a building is moved. It cuts it completely from its context, history and signification. Rarely, the new location do justice and our modern sensibilities often just drop them in the middle of a piece of land like an object instead of tying it with the urban fabric. That said, I'm all in if the only option is demolition. 1860s surviving stations are becoming so scarce, it's great they have been able to salvage it. Moving a masonry structure is always a big challenge!