Saturday, 7 May 2022

1951 Studebaker Business Coupe - Update

I corresponded with Clare Gilbert about the 1951 Studebaker business coupe. Here is some interesting facts about the car that I did not know. There is more about coloring for the car also...George Dutka

"The business coupe had no back seat. Just an area where traveling salesman could stow their sample cases.The roof on the Studebaker was much shorter than the regular coupe (which had a wrap around rear window) because there was no back seat. Most auto makers had a business coupe back in the day. They were usually the cheapest model in any line up. That sounds like something CN would buy.

Reading your blog about the Studebaker orange. The one on the label of the kit is actually yellow. While I can't remember where I saw it I had a pic of a yellow one when I painted the sample for the label.

I found this photo on line, for sale. It is  a '50 not a '51.

The 1951 Auto colour chips that I have seen do not show a bright yellow but the commercial paint chips do (called chrome yellow). Since the business coupe was a commercial model I think the yellow could be quite proper on it."

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