Tuesday, 3 May 2022

New Underpass for London Shortly

The CNR underpass has stayed the same since this view in 1923. Interesting the billboard on the left is still there and it looks old today...maybe the same frame or parts of it from when this photo was taken.

The CN has an underpass new bridge and wide road planned for Wharncliffe Rd in London, Ontario. The photo above views the street railway which has been gone for years. Actually the tracks seen in the foreground which is Springbank Drive was unearthed a couple or three decades or so ago when the Horton St. extension was updated. It appears the city just paved over the tracks leaving them buried in asphalt for years...George Dutka

April 7, 2021 VIA 71 crosses the Wharnciffe Road bridge. Peter Mumby and I spent the morning catching two passenger trains at this location and checked out the bridge close up.

The billboard to the left of the underpass. At this time there actually was three close together. One has since been removed.

This one is clearly the oldest of the group of billboards and maybe parts of it date back to the first photo.

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