Monday, 9 May 2022

Is There Something Coming...says the Cow?

This is one of only a couple of times I have been out railfanning this year. I was hoping to meet up with Peter for an hour out west of London but unfortunately that could not be worked out that day. I am just west of the  CN-CP diamond near Komoka. There was a few cows in the field and one was more interested in what I was doing than grazing on the new grass.
I am looking at cutting back posts to maybe 4-5 per week for the time being as we have a lot of family and health issues that are currently overwhelming me. I don't want to get into the details but I have not been doing any modeling since early January or much of anything else. I still have a lot to cover on this blog but it will take time to get it out to you...George Dutka

And a few minutes later a EB arrived. Train 502 which does work in London passes while the cow is more interested in me than the noisy old train. I was only out for about an hour but caught 4 trains in that time period. A pretty good outing.

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