Thursday, 5 May 2022

Throwback Thursday - Automobile Double Deck Transporter

CN 730034 is sitting in the yard at London, Ontario on July 31, 1989.

By Peter Mumby.

Built in 1959 by Canadian Car and Foundry, CN 730034 belonged to series 730023-730073.  With their excess height and inside length of 74'5", these were the largest cars on CN at the time of their construction.  Due to these dimensions, the cars were not used for interchange, hence the notice on the cars sides "Do not load off CN lines in Canada."  Sporting loading/unloading doors at each end, these cars had the capacity to carry eight automobiles.  They very quickly became outmoded, as by 1962 National Steel Car was building open sided tri-level auto racks.  In early 1970 most of these cars were sold to Auto Train.

CN also had similar cars that were shorter and designed to handle  six automobiles.  A photo of one of these cars appeared in the post of May 21, 2020 entitled "CN London Reclamation Yard, Part Five."  An HO scale model of one of these 57' cars was produced by Sylvan Scale Models at one point.

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