Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Snapshot - May 2022

In this view the CN EB is crossing Komoka Rd in Komoka. Note the sign to the right. Why not add this sign too your layout were one does not want a lot of engine noise. You might have an operator that is heavy on the horn when switching near a crossing on your layout. Just add the sign there. Hey it works well if your engines are not sound equipped too as you would be conforming to the rules.

This month for snapshot we have a bit of prototype inspiration for a layout. I took these two photos of train 382 on Jan 7 2022 at the Komoka Road crossing in Komoka, Ontario...George Dutka 

Push Rod garage in Komoka does not have a sign on its mechanics shop but with this truck out front in the parking lot one knows were they are...could this work for your layout?

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