Friday 24 May 2024

Spray Can Paints

Tru-color makes some nice spray can paints which come in a larger size can. I have used this brick color a lot. It goes on nice and dries flat. I also have their primer gray and another red tone.
A couple of the brands I use to paint my models other than black, primer red and gray auto primers that I have on hand. I normally get asked what sort of spray cans do I have that work well on models. Tru-color and Tamiya are two I normally grab not saying others are not good. These are the ones I am comfortable using. I do have some camo coats from Home Hardware here in Canada that work great also....George Dutka  

I normally use Floquil paint for coloring my models as I do have a lot of tones left. But at times I grab a spray can such as this green offered by Tamiya which goes on great. They have a very nice selection of paints but no real railroad colors.

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