Monday 27 May 2024

Elgin County Railway Museum - Train Show

Neat to see model vendors setup next to the prototypes.

It has been a long time (I'm guessing 25 years) since St. Thomas, Ontario has had a train show, and at the museum. Years ago they hauled out their trains, running some short runs through town and all the area railways had displays on hand. Indoors there would a good selection of vendors selling memorabilia and models.

This time around the show was strictly modeling and memorabilia with the museum displays being open for us all to see and visit. Nothing has been moved outside and now there is no railroads connecting with the museum that could set up displays. I would think there was 60 tables setup which was good and a couple of operating displays to view. Our WOD - NMRA booth had three of us working on projects and the kids switching layout was in operation. I feel the day was a success with a full house and brisk sales. There will be a second show on Sept. 1st if you missed this one...George Dutka

I am back in the corner at the NMRA-WOD craftsman workshop for the day working on a FOS kit. This is actually the first modeling I had done in almost a year and also my first train show in a very long time.

The London & Pr Stanley Ry depot sign that I had never seen before was on display among the many tables setup for the day. The engines and equipment made a nice backdrop to the show.

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