Thursday 9 May 2024

Throwback Thursday: Promotional Survivor - Part Two

CN 283032 was photographed at Belleville, Ontario on July 25, 1993.
By Peter Mumby.

On July 03, 1971, four specially decorated freight cars were on public display at the CN yard in Belleville, Ontario.  Each of these cars had one side painted and lettered to represent the type of load it was designed to carry.  The opposite side and ends were finished in the normal fashion.  The prototype photos in today’s post were also taken at Belleville, although this time insulated boxcar CN 283032 displays its appearance following 22 years on the road.

The original “Promotional Survivor” post appeared on December 10, 2020.  I decided to do a brief update after I realized that an HO decal set for this car had been produced.  This set, Prototype Model Industries H-3, included instructions to paint one car side white, but neglected to indicate specifically which side.  That is where the photo of the”A” end of the car comes in to play, making it clear that the large apple logo was painted towards the “B” (brake wheel) end of the car.  

This photo illustrates the “A” end of the insulated boxcar.

Yes, there was a decal set produced for this car!

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  1. I would love that car in O gauge. Perhaps some manufacturer will do it.