Saturday 18 May 2024

Snapshot - May 2024

Since it was mother's day weekend the train was full using two RDC cars as coaches along with an actual coach in the middle, May 11, 2024
Our NMRA division visited St Jacob's last weekend for a train ride on the Waterloo Central. Our AGM meeting was held in one of the cabooses in the yard. Although it was overcast the whole time at least it did not rain till after we left...George Dutka   

This train normally runs with one RDC but mothers ride free on Mother's day weekend and a big crowd was on board. 

Some of you might recognize this guy giving us the thumbs up...that's CP Woodstock modeler Bob Fallowfield who is the current general manager on the Waterloo Central Railway and who set up our train ride and visit to the shops. Thanks Bob. Bob wears many hats on the railroad, he was sweeping the platform when we arrived and also works as train crew when required, engineman or trainman.

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