Thursday 23 May 2024

Throwback Thursday - GE Railcar Services: Part One


Note some of the details that could be present in a model of such a facility.
By Peter Mumby.

During the 1990s a small section of the CP yard at Havelock, Ontario was being used by GE Railcar Services as a location for the maintenance and repair of freight cars. Among other things, trucks, couplers, doors, and safety appliances were refurbished at this open air facility.  For additional information on this segment of the Havelock yard see the post of October 24, 2015 entitled “Havelock - Open Air Facility.”  The three photos accompanying today’s post were taken on October 08, 1994.  

This is one of the crane-equipped trucks in operation at the GE Railcar Services location.

HS 8556 is undergoing some truck repairs.

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