Monday 20 May 2024

Tavistock, Ontario - Station

The station photo found on the wall in Tim Horton's donut shop.
I visited Tavistock Ontario once again on May 11 2024 and decided to look for the old CNR station which had been moved and converted into a home. The local Tim Horton's donut shop was built on the original site of the station. A photo is found inside the station. The station is at 20 Jacob St. a couple of block down the road and the second house in from the main street. It is easy to recognize with the tall roof. It actually is a small home when one considers there are no add-ons...George Dutka 

The Tavistock converted into a home. One can easily tell it was once a station even through it has a longer overhang on one side and a storage shed attached. May 11, 2024

The porch and walkway up to the front door. The bay window is still there too.

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