Saturday 4 February 2012

CNR 52' flat car

The finished 52' flat car is ready for service on the White River Division.
 Proto 2000 Flat Car

Back in January I picked up a CNR Proto flat car kit. This was an easy kit to complete. A true one evening project. The flat kit is already painted and lettered. The deck is even done with a weathered look. When I finished the kit the deck looked good on its own, but did not match my other flats when grouped together. I decided to followed my normal procedure for finishing  flat car decks.

I brush paint the decks with washes of Floquil Grime followed with a wash of Roof Brown.  Once dry I dry brush Reefer White and Grimy black over the deck. I then chalk weather the deck and car sides. The car sides are lightly coated with airbrushed Floquil Boxcar Red.

For now the flat car is being run as an empty, but at some point I will find a load to add.

One last is wise to change out the couplers that are included with the car. I did not since they looked pretty good to me. I did find the flat was uncoupling on the curves from the rest of the consists. Kadee's fixed the problem...George Dutka

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