Saturday 18 February 2012

Coal Dealer Charlemont, Mass

Looking East during January 2010. George Dutka photo.

A building worth model...

On my way to Springfield with Don Jane in 2010 we followed the old B&M line from the Vermont border to East Deerfield. We did not see any trains but got some interesting views of neat old structures that would be great to model. In a contemporary scene the effects we saw of weathering would make this a neat layout structure to add. Of course if you model the 1950's you will need to add a little paint. The next  post will cover another structure we saw.

One stop was at Charlemont, Mass. population of about 1,200 along the Mohawk Trail.  Here we found a coal dealer just off the main line which was setback far enough that it has survived for years unused. It clearly appeared to have once been a rail customer. Looking at the end I found a few chutes which leads me to believe this was a coal dealer. It is not a large structure but one that reminded me of Crosby Coal in Vermont. Its northwest walls still remains covered in red paint while most of the other surfaces are weather beaten.

Our stop in January 2010 was on a very cold day. We had problems keeping our camera batteries warm enough to operate so only a quick few shots were taken. I hope to make a trip back this way in better weather and take a more detailed look around as I did not tromp through the snow to see the north side of the structure...George

Looking east along what once was B&M trackage and today's PAN AM main line. The mountain in the rear is Todd Mountain. One can see the setback of the coal shed which probably helped in it's longevity.

There appears to be a coal chute on this end. Jan 2010

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