Monday 27 February 2012

White River Division in Walthers

The chanting of EMD 567's idling away is a familiar sound along the White River Division. At West Barre, the single F7A idles during a station stop. This engine is one of my favourite's to operate and view. Don Janes built this engine some years ago and I was luck enough to add it to my fleet. This photo was the lead in photo  for Walthers 2010 Power Sound Smoke section.

Walthers Catalogue

Over the past few years there has been a few of my White River Division photos used in Walthers catalogues. In the current issue, 2012, there are three photos. I decided to post a few of my more recent views which gives you a look around the layout and some of my equipment...enjoy...George Dutka

It's a fall day on the White River Division as a caboose hop crosses the White River. The tail end brakeman gives the angler a wave as he leans off the steps to see what's in his bucket. The caboose is a True Line Trains model and the locomotive is an Athearn model. This photo was the lead in photo  for Walthers 2010 Adhesives section.
In a more contemporary scene than I normally model,  CV S-4 #8081 leads a string of cars towards Westminster Center on the White River Division. The engine is an Atlas model that still needs DCC and sound but has many details added. The outside  braced boxcar is an Accurail kit that has been modified to better reflect the prototype. The green boxcar was detailed and painted to reflect the CV by my friend Bob Hannah a couple of decades ago. This photo was the lead in photo  for Walthers 2011 freight cars section.
The Rutland Ry. rolled through stunning New England scenery. Quaint track side farms were often customers of the railroad. Seen here an Alco RS-1 rattles past a scene amid rock outcroppings, dense forests and rolling hills with only a van in tow. Traffic is way down by this point and even the farmer and his worker don't acknowledge the train's passing anymore, they're busy readying cans for the truck trip to the dairy. This photo was the lead in photo  for Walthers 2010 scenery section.
EMD E7 #3810 heads up a typical fall consist as it rolls through the diamond at Bellows Crossing on the White River Division. An express boxcar converted from an old Army troop sleeper is coupled ahead of a pair of Osgood-Bradley coaches, one each from the NH and B&M and a B&M Pullman heavyweight coach at the rear. This photo is the lead in photo  for the current Walthers 2012 passenger car section.

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