Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Decal Coating Repairs

Old decals are new again

I was finishing up an overhaul on my Central Vermont RS-3 before Christmas when I got to the point were some new decals needed to be added in certain areas. The decals I wanted to use are Accu-cals and they are old, very old. Some of the edges were beginning to turning brown. When I did a test on a number it released from the paper, but in too many pieces to count.

Peter Mumby came over shortly after my test. We discussed trying some Micro superfilm he brought along and my regular go to product Microscale Micro Gloss. The Micro superfilm worked not bad but I did get a few breaks. Both products were brushed on the decals I was going to use. I would normally spray the sheet areas to be used but with two products and one sheet it was easier to use the brush.

The Microscale Micro Gloss worked best with no breaks in the decals although the film left by the coating was thicker than that of Micro superfilm. This might have been the difference in the products or my brush coating technique.

The decals were saved, the application went well on my engine and I am happy with the overall appearance of the final product...hope this information helps you with your own broken decal jobs...George Dutka

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