Wednesday 8 February 2012

Hunterline Stains and Kits

Hunterline stain display at the WOD Paris, Ontario 2012 train show.

Many New Stain...

One of my go to weathering finish for bare wood is Hunterline original weathering mix. When I purchased it years ago they only had one. As I found out while visiting their booth at the 2012 Paris, Ont. train show (you may have seen them at the Springfield show last month)  I was surprised at the many colours they now have. They had just added 5 new colours. I spoke to Rick Hunter about the stains. It seems the stain I have and really like is now called creosote black and is a popular colour.

Rick showed some interesting new mixes that he has come up with. One is Barnboard Gray which is a mix of three stains. I really liked the look of this finish. Barnboard Gray begins with light Gray stain, then a sporadically coating of blue Gray stain, followed with a dry brushing of medium brown stain. No need to wipe any of the stains as you want varying degree of colour.

The other mix using two stains is called Barnboard Red. You begin with light Gray stain then dry brush barn red stain over top. This finish would be great for many of my New England red structures.

Hunterline has a good selection of bridge and portal kits. The WOD (Western Ontario Division) of the NFR-NMRA is having a hands on clinic day next month which Peter Mumby and I plan to attend. We will be building a Hunterline wooden timber tunnel portal and finishing it with Hunterline details and stains. Although I don't really need a timber portal at the moment it will be nice to learn and experiment with the kit and stains. The WOD clinic fee is an unbelievable price of $10. You can't beat the price since the kit is worth $13 plus they are throwing in lunch to boot. The WOD has come a long way as a group from the time I was involved as editor of the WOD Dispatcher. That was during the early 1980's. I will take some photos at next months clinic and report on what we did in a later post.

Check out the Hunterline web site...they have some neat stuff...George Dutka

Hunterline Craftsman Kits - model train bridges and trackside structures


  1. Hi George,
    Mike Hamer here. I am giving a clinic on wall preparation for craftsman kit construction. I was wondering if I could use your two images of the Hunterline Display tables which you took at the Paris 2012 train shows in my presentation?
    All the best, Mike

    1. Hi Mike sure you are welcome to use any of my photos...George