Thursday, 9 February 2012

Vermont Barns - Part One

Sept. 8, 1991 almost within view of the Central Vermont main line near Richmond, Vermont this locally known monitor style barn is one of two found on the property. Locals call them "monitor style" because of the distinctive clerestory of windows and louvres running the length of the roof. They were constructed in 1901 and 1903 for a prosperous dairy farmer. They actually are of a Vermont design called "Bank Barns", barns built into the sides of hills. This design was used from 1870 to 1915.   George Dutka photo.
Barns that would look good
 on a New England layout

The barn photos seen in this post are only a few variations I found in Vermont over the years. A couple are similar to a barn I just completed for the White River Division. In my next post I will explain how my Northeastern Scale Model Inc. barn went together. In the views you can clearly see which side lay to the weather. Most models should have one or two sides more distressed due to the elements.

The first two barns viewed below are similar to the one I have just finished modelling. The style is called "Ground Stable Barn" sometimes called Midwestern barns. They are easily recognised by their double-pitched, gambrel roof. This gave the barn more room for hay storage above. The regular row of windows found at ground level lights the lower area which normally had a concrete floor.promoting a more sanitary area needed for dairy operations. Most of these barns were built between 1900 and 1965 and were built according to mail-order plans.

I am in the process of scanning a few more Vermont barns from my photos. These will follow as a part two in the not to distant future...George Dutka

May 17, 1992 near Milton, Vermont. This barn has similar lines to those of the Northeastern dairy barn kit. The barn has a newer steel roof added.  George Dutka photo.
 This  five storey barn is a larger version of the one I modelled but similar in character. Vermont, Sept 1999, George Dutka photo

West Hartland, Vermont,  Sept 17, 2002. The barn makes an interesting model with missing boards and window, plus the variation in weathering. What a roof line. It is located within sight of the Central Vermont main line. George Dutka photo.

Along Route 7 in Vermont Dec. 3, 2005. This barn has various degree of weathering and paint which made it an inspirational candidate for  my model weathering. George Dutka photo

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