Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Arched Window for White River Jct. Station

I am holding up an O scale window which is the exact size as the WRJ station window but with a slightly different pattern.

 A good option

Last week while Peter Mumby and I worked on our On30 modules, Peter brought over two mixed packages of Grandt Line O scale windows and doors. We each have a structure to build for the modules. While going through the packages I found a half circle window that looked a lot like the one found over the White River Jct. station's door on the CV side. I took it over to my station and found it was the exact size although the window slats differ a bit, but by far the best option I have found to date. On my model I used a photocopy of the real window that I might just change with this casting...George Dutka

The WRJ window along with our bag of leftovers...think we better build a few more O scale structures.

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  1. See this is why you should be modeling in N scale! I'm in awe of anyone who has attempted this project!