Monday, 25 February 2013

RailroadKITS - Fisher Fuel

The three components that make up Fisher Fuels.

Fuel dealer for the White River Division

The last two posts we looked at the fuel tank, now lets take a look at the main structure for the kit. The instructions can be found on line. I am not going to cover the entire kit's construction, just what I think might help one come up with a better model. I used almost all the included material other than the roofing which I changed out. I began by adding rows of nail holes with a pin. I also pulled up a few boards to give it a more run down appearance. In hind site I should have pulled more boards up...check out Don's review...he did a much better job of that. The walls are glued together per instruction although I added a lot more bracing as the wood tends to warp over time. The kit gives you much more supporting than one needs so use it. In past RailroadKITS projects I used the square corners included with the kits. I never seem to get a properly finished corners. I did not use these corners, I just glued the walls together and added some Northeastern 1" x 8" trim pieces on the corners.

The windows and doors fit in nice and snug. The rafters also fit in nicely and are easy to trim once the roof is applied. All in all the kit is a very nice model to build. The glazing used in the sheds windows got a coat of Floquil flat finish for a dirty look. The office got the cleaner windows.

The shed door are completed and stained with Hunterline weathering finish. The rafters are also finished the same. In the kit the supports for the doors are rather thick. I used scale 1" thick lumber which looks much better although it is not prototypical correct. The corner trim and trim added around the doors is the same size stripwood as used for the door supports giving the structure a unified appearance.

The shed is complete while the roof and rafters are still to be added to the office.
The office building shingles are by Branchline. They are leftover black shingles that are found in the Crosby Coal Kit. They are glued on style. I used about four different Bragdon powders on the roofing. I just touched areas with different colours than rubbed it all in. I finished with some streaks of soot and dark gray. For the shed I used BEST roll roofing in black. I gave it a heavy coating of soot powders with a slight mix of dark rust added. This I rubbed in with my fingers.

One can see all the stipwood has had Hunterline stain added. The chalk and Bragdon powders used are also seen in this view.

Wall and detail Colouring
Once all the walls are assembled I gave the interior and exterior a wash of Hunterline weathering mix. Once dry the office got a coat of Floquil grime followed with Bragdon powders. Powders used are ash, grimy gray and a touch of dust bowl brown as streaks. The ash powder was the heaviest coating. On the shed once the Hunterline stain dries I just used Bragdon powders. Powers used are weathered brown as the main colour, followed with some soot around the edges of the walls, and grimy gray in the large areas. I wanted the shed to look like it had not been painted in decades. The windows and doors got a coat of Floquil reefer white followed by some grimy gray powder.

The chimney was painted Floquil tuscan red followed by white chalk for mortar and red chalk applied on the bricks. I added some Bragdon shoot powder to finish it off. I also added the three exterior lights. I began by painting them Floquil Reading green followed by a light dusting of chalk weathering to tone down the green.

Final note
Don Janes and I both built our models at about the same time and both have posted our versions. As I mentioned the other day my kit is yet to be placed on the layout while Don's fuel company which you will see shortly has been installed. After seeing what Don has done with his kit I wish I had waited till his was done to steal some of his detailing features. I really like the amount of boards he has lifted. Don also added two metal stacks which really adds  more interest to the final appearance. I also like the green coloured doors on the office and shed...stay tuned his post is coming up later this week...well on to my next project...George Dutka.

An overhead view gives one a good look at the finishes used on the roof.

My kit is done and will be added to a Gatorfoam base which will become an interchangeable module with my creamery at Westmister Centre.

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