Friday, 1 February 2013

West Barre - Section House

Another diorama is added to the White River Division.
Another Diorama added
CV section House

Although this section house has sat at West Barre for years, it is now removable. I built a base from Gatorfoam that had scenery added such as ground foam, weeds and a Highball gravel road. The Sylvan models CNR section house was glued in place along with a good grouping of details before it was dropped in place.

The hole is cut to accept  small dioramas.

The Gatorfoam base is fitted. One can see the area had been built up with scraps. The base bottom is actually in view with the date and location marked on.

The plaster is added around the diorama and will be shortly painted and ground foamed.

The Sylvan CNR section house is very similar to those found along the CV right of way and makes a great addition to the scene. I believe they are still available. I built it such a long time ago I forget the exact colouring but I think I used tuscan red for the walls, old concrete for the trim and my usual grimy black for the roof. The kit is a very simple build and all parts went together well with very little sanding...enjoy...George Dutka

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