Saturday 23 February 2013

Fisher Fuel - Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is seen completed. I used mostly Bragdon soot to weather the tank. The weathering gives the black undercoat a lighter look.
Completing the Rix kit
The Rix tank kit that is included with RailroadKITS Fisher Fuel is a very simple built. I just followed the diagram to assemble the rings which are made from six panels. I used Walthers Goo for all the assembly. Many modeller's would paint this tank silver or white. I went for black, a colour that I had seen on many tanks while at working on the railway. It also is a colour that really weathers up well. I painted the tank Floquil grimy black. I then used Bragdon soot mixed with a little bit of bright rust. I used a wide brush to apply the powder then used my finger to work it in. I hope you like my tank as well as I post we will look at what Don's tank looks like...George Dutka

The top and four rings that will be glued together shortly.

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