Saturday, 2 February 2013

Round Barn - Morristown, Vt.

Carolina Craftsman Kits
Round Barn Model

I was just checking the Fine Scale Model Expo web site and noticed that Carolina Craftsman Kits, one of the regular attending vendors has a new kit offering. Welcome to Carolina Craftsman Kits  It is based on the actual  Morristown, Vt. round barn which has been fully restored. This is up in St.J&LC country not far from Morrisville, Vermont. The round barn is kit #CCK1322, $98.50 featuring laser cut northeastern basswood components, Tichy windows, laser cut door and platforms, scale stripwood, roofing and templates. The footprint is approximately 9"x11". Since I love barn models I might take a look at this kit next fall when at the show. I would likely model it as it looked before repairs and shorten the height of the cupola a bit...George Dutka

The Welch Farm round barn as it currently looks.

As the round barn looked during reconstruction. The new roof is almost completed. The weathering of the walls are interesting from the modellers point of view. It appears the structure was a creamy white prior to repainting.

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