Thursday 28 March 2013

50,000 Blog Views

A B&M freight passes the busy  frt. house in Fairlee, Vermont bound for White River Junction.
When I began this blog I never imagined that the White River Division would have 50,000 viewings in the first 16 months. As of today one of you viewers has set a new milestone, 50,000. Just 6 months ago I was commenting on the fact that 20,000 viewers had stopped by. I once again want to thank-you for stopping by and also posting your comments from time to time. I hope to continue with my mixed bag of ramblings at a regular pace as my Modeler's Season is ending and my trips up to the lake beginning. I am changing harbours due to low water on the Great Lakes and will not have Internet access any more while away. I may get Don to do some extra posting during the lean times.

This winter I did about 75% less modelling than during the last two Modeler's Seasons. Working on our grand kids room (basement rec. room) and renovating my daughters kitchen took up most of my winter. I have had a big push on to get these projects done since returning from a short Florida vacation. I will be all done the first week of April and just in time for getting my boat into shape. I never thought I would be working 7 days a week from early morning till it gets dark once I retired but that is what it is taking the last few weeks to get the job done.The one bright spot about this is I did not spent any modeling money this winter, which is a first. The last time I was in a hobby shop was early December. I guess I should stop by and tell them I am still alive. The other good thing about this push to get projects done was Peter and I finally finished our On30 W&Q modular layout that was in the way of my basement renovation and had been sitting collecting cob webs for over a year.  I will cover this project at some point.

So onward with fixing my basement leaks and seeing what I can come up with for my layout before next fall's Modeler's Season...George Dutka

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