Sunday 3 March 2013

Northeastern Scale Lumber - Shingles

Two packages of slate shingles I purchased in the fall along with the RMC ad found in the Oct 2012 issue. Note the other colours and styles they carry. Also viewed is the MEC section house that I built a couple of years ago which had these great shingles included with the kit.

Slate shingles are now back in stock

This fall I was surprised to see at the Northeastern Scale Lumber booth their shingles back on display. For the past year they have not had any shingles in stock. It seems the machine they use to make them broke down and they could not find anyone to fix it. From correspondences it appeared the slate shingles they make and I love using would not be available for a lengthy period. As it turned out they found someone that got the machine back on line and their whole selection of shingles are now available again. You can find their ads in RMC or by checking their web site. These shingles may cost one a bit more that other available shingle products, but are really easy to work with and look great. You may want to take a closer look at their products...they also have a neat gray fish scale shingle I would love to try next...George Dutka.

I used a lot of the loose slate shingles as leftover piles from repairs to my structures. One can see my pile next to the West Barre station.  I had noted  loose shingles lying around some of the New England structures I visited recently. It appears they may like to have a few left for future repairs.

I am adding the Gray Slate HOSNG1B1 to the roof of West Barre station. One can see the sheet size in reference to the roof size. I cut the sheets with a steel straight edge and a sharp blade.

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