Friday 15 March 2013

White River Junction Sandhouse - Installed

I finally got around to taking some more photos around the layout...I will explain the layout status in another post. One of the scenes I updated back in the fall was the area around the coal tower. At that time the tower just sat over the end of WRJ's scenic area. My hidden staging yard is without any ballast or scenery. When I decided to add the sandhouse I thought I best add some ground details for any photos I will take. More on the sandhouse can be found in an Oct 2012 post. These few photos give you an idea how the area looks like today. The area is actually only visible when standing on my footstool or if you are really tall, but I wanted to add it for photo ops. For photos I have to use my Canon point and shoot camera resting it on the track or a small wood block. There is no room to get my tripod and Canon Rebel in enjoy the view from there...George Dutka

This photo has been cropped to the edge of the finished scenery in the staging area. The WRJ station can be partly seen way off to the left.
The sandhouse can be seen though the coal tower opening.
A CV steam engine and diesel can be seen around the engine facilities.

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