Monday 25 March 2013

Crossing the Connecticut River

The Southbound Vermonter is seen crossing the Connecticut River on Sept. 27 1996. Note the Vermonter baggage car is in tow. I crawled down the bank of the river that day to get a view looking underneath the covered bridge. The river was calm which gave me a nice reflection at the time. That morning there was no sunshine so this type of photo worked well with no sky visible.

The photos included in this post compliment my first Snapshot posted back in January. I did revisit the Connecticut River covered bridge a couple more times back in the 1990's to get a few different angles of this scene. I was luck to actually get two trains a short time apart during the fall of 1996. In this post I have also added Dwight Smith's interesting notes about this location that was included in my original CVRHS Ambassador CV Snapshot...George Dutka

"The inclusion of USA's longest wooden covered bridge adds an additional point of interest to any photo. The bulky profile of Vermont's Mount Ascutney rises in the background of most views. Many do not realise that the bridge lies entirely within the State of New Hampshire, inasmuch as the Vermont state line is found on the west bank of the Connecticut River. Currently the bridge is used by NECR, Amtrak and PanAm."

I was luck to get a second chance to catch a train in a similar view. The Vermonter had a meet with NECR #323 not to far south of this location on Sept. 27, 1996.

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