Friday 1 March 2013

Fisher Fuels in White River Junction

This is an overall view of the nearly completed  Fisher Fuels oil dealer that sits behind the roundhouse at White River Jct. by Don Janes
Fitting an Oil Dealer into a Vacant Lot on Railroad Property
by Don Janes

    Once freight traffic levels started to drop after WW2 on the Green Mountain Route, the Central Vermont Ry. found that it didn't need so many tracks off the turntable in White River Jct. so several  unused ones were pulled up leaving an empty lot.  With oil fast becoming the new fuel for home heating and industry a local fuel oil dealer worked out a lease agreement with the railroad and built an office, garage and oil tank on the vacant site.  The CV agreed to let them use one of the tracks for unloading tank cars of oil to be stored in the large steel tank.  On any given day there are one or two tank cars spotted for unloading.  Tank trucks from several different companies fill up here and head out to fill oil tanks throughout the area.
    I ordered the Fisher Fuels kit from Railroad Kits several months ago after seeing George's kit that he purchased at the MR EXPO in Lancaster, PA last fall.  It was the perfect size to fit in this spot and added another industry to be served by my railroad.
Here the completed structure and tank are placed in the scene to determine the best positioning for the structures.
    I followed much the same process as George did to construct the kit, first bracing everything well, distressing the wood then staining, painting and weathering it.  I used tar paper supplied with the kit for the garage roof and green three tab shingles from BEST for the roof on the main office.  Once the structure was complete I cut out and painted a piece of Gatorfoam a concrete colour to represent a cement floor and glued the building to it.  By using Gatorfoam I know it wouldn't warp from any moisture added during the scenery process. Gatorfoam was also used for the concrete unloading platform and tank base.  I added a couple of metal stove stacks and vent pipes to the roof of the office and garage for extra detail.
Once the final location was decided I installed the building, tank and unloading platform.  After that I added a layer of Sculptamold to level the area and added a layer of fine sand for an initial scenery base.   
The final scenery was then added to the area.
Extra details such as the old gas pump, oil tanks in for repair, various barrels and boxes and figures were added to complete the scene.
A tank car full of fuel oil has been spotted for unloading as a tank truck fills up with oil for for home delivery.
Here is a look at the office from the opposite side.  Notice the added details around the lot and distressed siding on the building.  
   The oil dealer scene is just about complete now.  I still need to add some signs but I'm not sure what I want to call this establishment yet so I will try to figure out how to make some custom signs on my computer once I have decided on a name.  One other detail I need to add is pipes and valves on the unloading platform and some sort of loading platform beside the tank for the trucks.  I will have to sort through my detail and scrap boxes to find the necessary pieces for these details.
     I am very happy with the way the Fisher Fuels kit turned out and how it filled an empty space on the layout.  Have a look at the Railroad Kits web site and check out all their kits and you might just find one that will suite your needs.

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