Saturday 9 March 2013

Atlas S-2's

Recently Atlas has announced that they will be releasing  a re-tooled S-2 which can be purchased with DCC or DCC with sound. This got me looking at my own S-2 collection. I do have a Bachmann S-2 with sound that I will cover is CV 7919. The other is a Atlas B&M factory painted S-2 that I have added additional details to many years ago. This unit is still DC only and is used only for display and photo-ops. I also have a few photos and comments from Bruce Douglas covering his S-2's projects from the same Atlas Alco era.

B&M 1264 is headed to Westminster Centre on the White River Division
B&M S-2 #1264
My unit is a factory painted unit offered a long time ago. I did scrape off the molded on grab irons on the nose and replaced them with wire grab steps. I also added the row of grabs on the fireman's side. Other additions include Precision Scale class lights with Juneco jewels, and Detail Associate # 6214 lift rings on the roof. On the cab I added a Details West #FF-167 fuel filler pipe, a wire door handle and wire handrails on each side of the door. I touched up all the additions with Floquil engine black. The engine got a engineman in the cab and some light Floquil grime, grimy black and chalk weathering.

Bruce Douglas painted and decaled Alco.
Bruce Douglas MEC S-2, #302
Recently Bruce had gone through his HO scale collection that has been boxed for years. He decided to take a few photos sending them along to me with a few comments regarding his S-2's. Here is what Bruce did to his engines.

Bruce used a MEC prototype photo to begin his conversion of a undecorated S-2. This MEC engine had a larger size herald than most on the cab. The engine was painted Floquil engine black and Herald King decals are applied. I don't think the decals are available any more. The pilot ends are painted orange to resemble the prototype while the handrails are painted yellow.  An engineman was also added to bring the engine to life. Bruce also modeled a CPR Alco switcher as seen below.  This engine got a little more weathering than the MEC unit and an engineman was also placed at the controls. Since Bruce's St.J&LC was modelled around St. Johnsbury, Vt. both the MEC and CPR engine fits in nicely...George Dutka

Bruce's inspiration photo from the 1980's. Bruce's collection.

Bruce Douglas CPR Alco.
A last look at my B&M Alco switcher...seems some instructions are being issued before the switch is turned.

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