Friday, 16 January 2015

Modeling Waterbury, Vermont

John's Waterbury scene is coming along well. The three signature structures that make up the Waterbury scene are all seen here.
The Central Vermont Ry. in Waterbury Vermont - HO Scale
Photos by John Hajnosz
John Hajnosz has shared some of his fine Central Vermont Ry. modeling with me. One of the scenes he is deep into modeling is Waterbury, Vermont. He is doing a great job with this scene. John was at the CVRHS 2008 convention at Waterbury and decided to change out Stafford Springs for Waterbury on his layout with hopes that Bernie of Alkem models would produce a kit of the station. As it turned out that never came to be. For a while John used a Swanton kit station model as a prop till the plans of the Waterbury station became available through the CVRHS Ambassador and also in Model Railroader. An exact model could now be built. Last year John took the plans to a local laser cutter who made him a single kit of the station which turned out to be pricey. When you only need one what can one do. The kit turned out very well. It is now built other than the roofing still needs to be applied.

John has done a great job building the two large structures that once stood across from the Waterbury station. He also completed the creamery found south of the station...George Dutka

The Waterbury station is almost complete made from a one only laser kit.
The roofing still needs to be added to the station.
A close-up view.
Looking south into the Waterbury scene.
John built the Whiting Creamery which once stood at the south end of town. He used a photo found in my Waterbury creameries article found in the CVRHS Ambassador Vol. 10 No 2.

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