Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sylvan Kits - Update

I glued and clamped a piece of Gatorfoam to the roofing underside the other day. Will be interesting to see how straight it is in a day or two.
Don Janes has actually built several Sylvan rolling stock kits. A little while back we discussed the rolling stock parts offered by Sylvan which Don did not have an details about. He had actually built some cabooses and rolling stock kits in the past. Don believes the freight car kits were one piece bodied and of not too bad quality when built.  The CNR wood caboose he built was for Lou Sassi and  2 steel cabooses for gifts for retiring UTU officers in Sarnia. These were mounted on wood bases.  He remembers they were a lot of work. When checking out Peters stock this week he did have some one piece kits. One in particular was a CPR plywood caboose which had also warped. Guess what I am trying to pass along to you is if you are to purchase a Sylvan kit, it might be best to look in the box and see what you are getting still can find some good ones...George Dutka 


  1. Flattening warped resin is easy. Place in slowly boiling water for less than a minute and lay on a flat surface to cool. Simple

    1. Thanks Pierre. Will try that. I am wondering if it will stay straight or will I need to add additional bracing to stop it from happening again. George

  2. The peril of added bracing, usually styrene, is that it moves differently than resin with temperature and humidity shifts, thus it can snap off. In most cases the car should evolve into a self bracing entity.