Saturday, 3 January 2015

New England Novelty Works - Bellows Crossing

An overall look at Bellows Crossing and the New England Novelty Works. A Rutland Ry. Mike switches the mill which has a Sylvan Models brick stack out back.
The inspiration for my New England Novelty Works came mainly from the Brigham Gelatine Co. found in Randolph, Vt. I covered this structure in my last post. There are many similar style buildings found throughout New England. I remember seeing a photo of an almost identical structure in Ludlow, Vt.  I scratch-built mine with side loading doors instead of an end door. I only finished two sides as that was all that could be seen. The Novelty Works measures 12" long by 4" wide. It is 4" tall at the corners and 4 1/2" at the peak. This structure I actually built for use on a earlier small layout. When I began the WRD it was only to be a stand in for a short time...till I built something more detailed. That has yet to happen although I am planning on placing a South River Models structure here at some point. The novelty works was built back in the 1990`s using what I knew then and had available...George Dutka

After more than 25 years service the New England Novelty Works is starting to show its age. The upper seam is beginning to gap were a joint was needed. The roof is a lift off that has began to twist. The walls are warping similar to a real world wooden mill. At that tune I did not give much thought to bracing the interior. The walls are boxcar red, the windows are antique white. The roofing was tarpaper made with masking tape which has totally lifted off. Now it is just painted black with a dusting of soot powders.
Looking into Bellows Crossing the New England Novelty Works is the feature structure in town although it was built with limited detailing. If you look closely at the mill you can see a bit of a bow in the walls.


  1. Despite it's age, it still looks good!

  2. George, Quit putting all of this interesting information on your site... I.M GOING TO NEED A BIGGER BASEMENT!!! I also have photos of that barricade you requested but I need to get in contact with you to send them. JOHN

  3. Thanks Michael, it has worked for many years guess it is more about a change than anything. Who knows I may revamp the structure and it might appear somewhere else. John there is always room for one more...George