Thursday 29 January 2015

Big E - Road Trip

My friend Andy Greenlees standing out front of the Waterbury, Vermont station. Andy is also a CNR engineman who retired about 6 months ago. We have worked together and have been good friends for decades. We got some Green Mountain coffee here and also a view of the Vermonter.
On Monday I got home from a week long road trip to New England with my friend Andy. Originally I was going to meet up with Andy and Gary at the Springfield Train show but as it turned out Gary could not make it and I became the tag along on a trip through Northern Vermont, NH and into Maine including LL Bean. We dropped in to view Jim Dufour's B&M layout and supper with a gang I had not seen in a few years. We spent the day after the show up in East Deerfield, Brattleboro and across to Bennington. We hightailed home on Monday ahead of the storm. A great time away, thanks Andy. Now that I am at home with a new lot of kits in stock I better get building again...Oh forgot I am heading to Florida shorty for a few weeks of heat in the Keys...think the kits may have to wait...more on that later....George Dutka

Gary could not make it to the show this year but Andy did pick up this N scale roundhouse for him.
BEST Models had this interesting poster as handouts.
If you have been to the Big E you probably have run across Scenic Express display conductor that never seems to stop moving.
One of several BarMills displays.
A stop by East Deerfield on a sunny Sunday morning. Nothing happening at the moment but I did get a view of the shop track from the railroad bridge. Note the B&M heritage engine in the background.
I think this home in Bennington Vt. could make a really nice kit.

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