Friday, 23 January 2015

What's in the box No. 11

Both sheds are similar but different in windows and door locations...more of a mirror image of each other.
I picked this two in one Bar Mills kit at Collinsville Ct. this spring. I plan to use one shed at the marble quarry and the other near the Westboro roundhouse addition. They appear to be a very simple build...George Dutka

For a small kit there was a nice group of metal details and colour signage's included.
One of my sheds will have B&M colours on it.


  1. Really looking forward to following the build - I've never done a Bar Mills kit and am curious how they are.

  2. Chris this two pack is one of the easier Bar Mills kits to build. I had the two models done in no time at all...look at this weeks Wordless Wednesday...George