Friday 2 January 2015

Along the Central Vermont No. 3....Randolph, Vt.

I spent some time on May 16, 1992 documenting some of the structures along the CV main line. At Randolph the Brigham Gelatine Co. looked in very poor shape by then.
Brigham Gelatine Co. located beside the Central Vermont Ry. was a thriving business from 1906 till 1977. Three generations of the Brigham family ran this buisness. The last, Bill Brigham a good friend and long time President of the CVRHS helped me with photos and information  when I prepared an article for the Ambassador,Vol. 4 No. 3 (Fall 1993). Before the Gelatine Co. the structure was used first by a screen then a furniture making company. The structure measures 96' by 40' with a 18'6" by 40' shipping area. If one looks closely at the shipping area it is seen the second floor was added to the original structure. The end door measures 80" by 78". The siding is 3" wide last painted a barn red. The roofing is tarpaper. All signs, 6" corner trim and windows are white...George Dutka

A trackside view from an early era.
An undated aerial view of Randolph, Vermont. One can clearly make out Brigham's. Bill Brigham collection.

I stopped by Randoph on June 12, 1994. At that time the old Brigham Gelatine plant was in the process of being resided with new windows added. It would eventually become apartments.
 I took this photo while on a short two day trip back on Sept. 8, 1991. 
This photo is from the Bill Brigham collection taken in maybe the 1960's or 70's from Weston St.
Brigham Gelatine Co. can be seen on March 30, 1920. Not a great day for the CV in Randolph, Vt.

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  1. What a modelgenic structure! And I always love the time-comparison photos. Happy New Year George!