Sunday, 18 January 2015

CV Cattle Guard Barricade

John's finished model is set on his working drawing made from a photo found in Central Vermont in Color.
Photos by John Hajnosz
John Hajnosz built a really nice looking cattle guard barricade used on the Central Vermont Southern Division. John used a Dave Bartlett photo found in Central Vermont in Color which views a double headed freight approaching Route 63 in Leverett during 1956...the photos tell the story...George Dutka

The model is set on the Leverett, Mass. prototype photo. The overall length end to end including the end overhangs is 4.25". The outside dimensions post to  post is 3.50". The inside barricade spacing post to post is 1".  The height of his barricade is .75" length of posts are 1.50" which can be lengthened to place the guard into a foam base. The posts are 1/8 square and the bracing is.0208 x.0625 Midwest scale lumber.
John has placed his guard at the end of a roadway to give us a good look at his model.
The CV guard has been masked so the black stripes can be added.

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